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A few years back, one of my best pastor friends was genuinely disappointed in me when he first heard about our musical, “SAY NICKLAUS.” He later admitted to me that he told his wife,”Chip’s gone and written a ‘Santy Claus’ play.” I’m glad he had enough confidence in us to go ahead and bring his church to the production…because “SAY NICKLAUS” turned out to be one of his favorites.

It is one of mine too, and I am am so excited about bringing this sweet story back to our stage. There are all kinds of Christmas musicals around, but I believe the message of acceptance and love that you’ll see in “SAY NICKLAUS” presents something very special.

The story takes place in a home for orphaned and abandoned children in a mythical place called Norpol Province. Nicklaus and Meena Elliffe, played this year by Glenn and Twila Polk, are house parents to eight children. Each of these children has been passed over for adoption many times, so they are well acquainted with the pain of rejection.

However, the Elliffes have created a loving home for these and many other children throughout their many years at State Home for Children No. 13. The acceptance and sense of belonging to the loving family of God is the core message of “Say Nicklaus.” It is a story told with music, laughter, maybe a few sniffs, and a generous portion of explosive excitement.

If you’re looking for a wonderful Sunday School or Small Group event for the holidays, “Say Nicklaus” is perfect. It is also great family entertainment. If you’ve seen this musical before, this year we’ll have even more music, featuring a very special song and dance, written for the occasion of Twila Polk’s debut in a Ragtown production. The song is called “Dance Through Life” and it is bound to be one of the highlights of a show filled with highlights.

If you saw last year’s production of “Bethlehem,” like me, you probably became a fan of Chris Smith, who portrayed Jesus. Chris and his extraordinarily talented wife, Sarah, will be playing Cornelius Houchen and Ula Goiterflaven this year. I can’t wait to hear these two sing “I Wish I Could Share that With You” together!

In addition, our Ragtown Gospel Christmas Concert is going to be very special. This year it will be all brand new songs for Christmas, and we’re very excited about performing them them for you.

So call friends and family! Set a date and make your reservations. The phones have been ringing already, and we’re going to be advertising heavily for this show. You need to go ahead and secure those seats you like. We miss you, and can’t wait to have you back at Ragtown for Christmas!

"The show was so wonderful last Saturday that I’m bringing 12 plus myself from our church this Saturday. Only two of these ladies have been before to Ragtown. I always tell them once they have attended they will not want to miss a show after that. Thank you and all of the cast for sharing the wonderful talents God has given you with all of us."

− Edie D., Abilene, TX

"Wow! I enjoyed the whole experience of the play, music, beautiful theater and I hope you are there for many, many years. Everyone from our church was so thrilled, our bus sang all the way back to Lubbock. Thank you again for a wonderful night, and I plan to tell others and definitely come again."

− Anna H., Lubbock, TX

"What a wonderful time we had last night at Ragtown Gospel Theater! God is so good! He has blessed your family with wonderful talent! To be able to entertain as well as spreading God’s word, and love what you are doing to boot, must be wonderful! Praise to our Lord and Savior! We will be back!"

− Joyce S., Idalou, TX

"I loved Joseph the Carpenter, the story was wonderful I loved the humor. A brilliant performance by the actors and lots of credit goes to the writer. Thank you Chip for using your singing and writing talent for the Lord. May God continue to bless Ragtown Theater and the Polk Families. "

− Quepha B., Lubbock, TX

Recent Photos From Ragtown…


Satan mocks Jesus at the climax of “Gethsemane”.


Kyle Bullock, playing Jesus in Ragtown’s production of “Gethsemane”, prays in the garden before being tempted by Satan.


Chip performing with the Ragtown Gospel Band


Jesus, played by Kyle Bullock, consults with His disciples before entering the garden of Gethsemane.


Glenn performs as Satan in the recent production of “Gethsemane” at Ragtown Gospel Theater


The children in “Say Nicklaus” look on sadly as Mina and Nicklaus are forced to leave the orphanage.


Nicklaus, played by Glenn Polk, dances with his children in “Say Nicklaus”, Ragtown’s new Christmas favorite.

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